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The “Sacred art of Weaving in Crete today”


Penelope Gandhi mission is considered to be an attempt, within the framework of the University of Mountains activities. Penelope Gandhi mission is a non profitable operation with participants from cultural organizations and academic staff from the University of Crete. Its aim is to highlight, save, preserve and spread the cultural heritage concerning the loom and textile art in Crete.

The “Sacred art of Weaving in Crete today”, is based on the vast area of volunteer work conducted from the University of Mountains and its main aim is the resurgence of the textile art in the villages of Crete by grabbing the opportunity to contact people who represent in an authentic way the cultural tradition of the island and at the same time preserve, spread and talk about the art of the loom and of the textiles.

The mission will consist of events, site visits, discussions, exchange of opinions, recording and videotaping the gatherings and furthermore recording of the narration concerning the preserved pieces of art and also events, exhibitions, innovative tutorial interventions, the circulation and publication of important material that deals with such activities.

The sensitization of people is our main goal and it is believed that this will contribute to the conservation of the cultural heritage and its dissemination to the generations to come.  At the same time, it will provide people and households of the suburbs with the opportunity to benefit and confront the economical and social crisis that our country is facing the last years.


Frequent Q&A about Penelope Gandhi Mission 


Mission Penelope Gandhi Presentation (2014)