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Mission of the University of the Mountains to the Sitia Municipality, 01 February 2013

Mission of the University of the Mountains to the Sitia Municipality, 01 February 2013

visit of the University of Mounts to the municipality of Sitia in the villages Lithines, Handras and Ziros on Friday, February  1st in 2013 was greatly accepted. The love and gratefulness, evident in the faces and behaviors of the blocked in habitants of the mountainous areas of Crete, fills our souls with the strength to continue our work.

In co-operation with the clinics of the and VEIC-Institute of optics and Vision, of Opthalmology, with the Professor Ioannis Pallikaris and the Associate Professor M.Tsilibaris, the team of the volunteer doctors, of General Medicine and the of the Primary Health care, with the Professor H.Lianis and his team, of Psychiatry with the Professor N.Paritsis and his team and of Radiology with Mr K.Psathakis, a specialist in Molecular Depiction, examined and supported about 100 inhabitants, patients, mainly very old people and children in the villages Lithines, Handras and Ziros

Mr Dimitris Karayiorgos , Assistant professor of Pedagogics in the University of Crete participated and co-ordinated the action with the head teachers and the teachers of the junior High schools in the mutual teaching between students that took place between the 2hd junior High school in Sitia and the junior High school in Handras. The students, during this interaction, developed issues relevant to the environmental sensitization, recyclihg, over-consumption, the self-management of the school canteens and the production of soap with the use of olive oil the school counselor of the regional Management of Crete, Mr Apostolos Klinakis as well as the Mayor of Sitia Mr. Th .Paterakis contributed decisively to the whole action with a lot of love.

In a meeting, in the coffee shop of the Mounts in the village Handras, scientists of vavious scientific fields that is to say, Mr. Ioannis Pallikaris, Professor of Ophthalmology of the University of Crete, Mr H.Lionis ,Professor of General Medicine of the University of Crete, Mr Dimitris Karayiorgos,Professor Assistant of Pedagogics o the University of Crete, ahd Mr Zaharias Kypriotakis, Professor of Botanology of the Technological Educational institute talked with local people issues related to local economy, to vegetable products, herbs and olive trees in agony and in a disposition to help the people of the villages in all the ways they can and by all means, so that these people can stay in their homes and, thus, create. This sort of contact also addresses the people, who leave cities and return to the villages, and encourages them to deal with the land bequeathed by their parents.

And it is, through the rural occupation that these people can live happily away from the worries of the easy financial benefit, from borrowing as well as well as from grants.

In the women’s coffee shop in the village Ziros, the distinguished president of the progressive Association of Sitia with the name ‘’Vitsentzios Kornaros’’_ Historic and Folklore Museum of Sitia.

Mrs. Stefania Mylonaki and the Association, met in an atmosphere of excellent togetherness and co-operation with Mrs. Varvara Terzaki-Pallikari and talked with the women of the region and the local weavers about the value of the  hand-made works of art as well as the value of the weaving art in Crete, about the Penelope Gandhi mission, the local techniques,the decorations and the culture of the loom.


Mrs. Anna Takaki’s (writer and poetess)presence as well as Mrs. Kate Garefalaki’s (systemic consultant of Psychology) presence were  very remarkable as well.

Also very touching were the women of the region , especially Mrs. Marika Orphanoudaki, who offered hand-made doughnuts covered in honey, to all the women present in the meeting:

Mr Ioannis Hatzadonakis (the last traditional bell holder) family who lives in the village Ziros was also very touching.

Mrs. Anna Manousaki’s (secretary of the board of the progressive Association “Vitsentzos Kornaros) contribution was also valuable and substantial in the organization and success of this meeting.

The mayor, Mr Th.Paterakis, the alderman Mr J. Hatzinakis and the alderman Mr. J Drakakis together with the presidents of the local communities of the villages Lithines, Handras and Ziros, offered hearty meals by continuing the very ancient habit of the Cretan people in an atmosphere of Joyfulness and brotherhood.