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November  2012
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Penelope Gandhi presents an Interactive Exhibition in the Basilica of San Marco from 1 to 17 November 2012 in Heraklion

Penelope Gandhi presents the first major action with an interactive exhibition, which will be held in the Basilica of San Marco, from 1 to 17 November 2012 in Heraklion. The old weavers of Crete, together with social scientists, educators, archaeologists and scientists from other disciplines will teach school children in Crete.

Additionally, in the same space Penelope Gandhi organizes experiential approaches and laboratory type discussions under the guidance of Mrs Helen Glykatzi Ahrweiler, together with the invited ladies from the Middle East and India, the local weavers and children - students. The Mission is coordinated by Mrs. Barbara Terzakis-Pallikaris.

     Lysistrati said, that she will organize the political life as she organizes her argastiri, she will cleanse and disentangle the threads, gather those that are scattered, put them all in a row and she will weave a cloak for the City...

     Ariadni held the thread-sense of civilization in Crete in her hands….

     Penelope Gandhi keeps the tip of the thread today...

     The Exhibition will be open to all who wish to participate in experiential / interactive approaches to the Art of Weavery, in the Basilica of San Marco, from 1 to 17 November 2012 in Heraklion.