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Actions of the University of the Mountains, Municipality of Kantanos-Selino, 6 & 7 May

On Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May 2011 the UoM carried out a series of actions in Kantanos-Selino and Platanias in cooperation with the corresponding municipal authorities.


The four Working Groups visited below listed locations as follows:


  1. The “Society-Health” group, under Mr. Ch. Lionis, (professor of Internal Medicine and Primary Health Care, also Director of Clinical Social & Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete), consisting of subgroups visited the following locations:

a)      Rodovani: by the Internal Medicine physicians of the University Hospital of Heraklion. The subgroup leader was Mr. G. Dauker.

b)      Kountouras: by the Eye Doctors of the University Hospital of Heraklion, staff from the Vardinoyiannio Eye Institute of Crete and the Mobile Eye Unit. The subgroup leader: Mr. A. Anastasakis, Assistant Lecturer.

c)      Kountouras & Kantanos: by the toxicologists of the University Hospital of Heraklion. The subgroup leader was Mr. E. Tzatzarakis, Lecturer of Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete.

  1. The “Culture-History” group, under Mr. Th. Detorakis, visited Selino where Mr. Detorakis gave a lecture on the subject “A glimpse of the History of Selino”.
  2. The “Training and Education” group, under Mrs. S. Leivadiotaki, a school counselor for District A’ of Heraklion, visited the village of Rodovani. Also, the principal of the 14th elementary school, Mrs. P. Doumou, took her school on a visit to the elementary school of Rodovani where her pupils gave a theatrical performance titled “The water in our lives”.

Also, the principal of the elementary school of Rodovani, Mr. K. Kalyvas, took his pupils on a visit to the village’s olive oil mill.

  1. The “Development-Economy-Environment” group visited the Omalos area where they carried out a seminar-meeting on the subject: Development and Wellbeing at the White Mountains – Man-induced Activities in the area of the White Mountains National Park. The speakers were:

Phillis, I. Rector of the Technical University of Crete: The significance of biodiversity in the mountainous area of the White Mountains.

Klinakis, I., Physician and Beekeeper: The nutritional value of honey and of honey products.

Nikoloudis, M., Deputy Mayor of Apokoronas: Protection of the Mountain ranges.

Malandrakis, I., Mayor of Platanias: The Primary and the tertiary sector on a parallel road to development.

Marinakis, P., Representative of the “Iardanos” Association: Linking the mountain range with the coastal zone.

Demetriades, G., from VIOLEA: Organic stockbreeding.

Benioudakis, E., Mechanical Engineer: Solar powered cheese making unit.

Stephanakis, A.: Veterinarian: Development and research in stockbreeding.

Melidakis, E., from WCDO: Activities financed by European Programs of the current Programming Period.


Following these presentations there was a break with dance performances (Dances of the Rizitiko genre or Dances of the Mountains)


Following the break there was a discussion about the Establishment of a Museum and Cultural Academy of the Mountains in the area of the White Mountains. The keynote speaker was Mr. Th. Detorakis.


The meeting concluded with the performance of folk artist Michalis Tzouganakis while guests enjoyed a buffet of traditional preparations at “Xyloskalo” courtesy of the Municipality of Platanias.