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Threads Celebrations in Mylopotamos Rethymnon, July 1st-July 31st 2017, Penelope Gandhi mission - Municipality of Mylopotamos

Threads Celebrations

Municipality of Mylopotamos - University of the Mountains

July 1-31, 2017


Crete holds the end of the thread steadily from the Minoan era until today, with the Mission Penelope Gandhi setting up looms in all the villages of Mylopotamos - Rethymnon.

The Municipality of Mylopotamos, with the University of the Mountains, organizes the Threads Celebrations in the villages below Psiloritis mountain.

The celebrations will take place from July 1 to 31, 2017, in which many actions will be carried out concerning the sacred art of Crete weaving and thread-meaning.

In the looms, the weavers will weave with their own Cretan threads, patterns and symbols that are the same from the time of Homer and Minos until today.

They will shear sheep hair, spin wool, flax and silk and dye threads with flowers and plants of Crete.

Small studies of the thread-workshops will take place in the villages around the settled looms where the weavers of each village will speak to the public along with personalities of letters and arts, academics, Greeks and foreigners.

Rector, Mrs. Eleni Glykatzi-Arverler, Penelope Gandhi's leading member, will launch the "Threads Celebrations" on July 12, 2017 at 19:00, at the headquarters of the University of the Mountains, Krana, at the top of Idaion Andron.