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Solar powered cheese making unit, Madares, 18 April 2010

Attendants: 10 stockbreeders from Anopoli of Sfakia; the Rector of the UoC, prof. I. Pallikaris; the mayor of Sfakia, Mr. Sifis Lykos; the deputy mayor of Chania, Mr. Konstantinos Gyparis; the mechanical engineer Mr. Manolis Benioudakis; the beekeeper Mr. Konstantinos Hatzidakis; the stockbreeder Mr. Manolis Paterakis (from Rethymnon) and Mrs. Varvara Terzaki.


Mr. Pallikaris talked about UoM activities and focused on the solar powered cheese-making unit at Madares. Subsequently, Mr. Hatzidakis and Mr. Paterakis highlighted the significance of this intervention as a model for sustainable development. Next, Mr. Benioudakis presented the technical details for the cheese-making unit and answered questions by interested stockbreeders. The mayor of Sfakia focused on developmental issues in his area and on related past interventions. He found the project [solar powered cheese-making unit] very interesting and suggested that it be purchased by municipalities to be used by stockbreeders free of charge. Mr. Gyparis, the deputy mayor, also spoke highly of the project.


At the closing of the discussions the attendants decided that the first solar powered units be financed by the municipality of Sfakia, while Mr. Benioudakis promised to give a final quote for the cost and provide the final specifications of the machine the soonest possible.