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University of the Mountains - 2015 last actions

During 2015 the University of the Mountains has organized several actions, promoting the volunteering scheme that first started a decade ago. Up until today 25 excursions have been organized in mountainous areas around Crete.

More than 1500 people have been examined; more than 2000 people were participants in the Kafeneia of the Mountains. Moreover we brought together more than 700 students from 10 different schools who participated in the Educational Interventions under the surveillance of the Educational Team of the University of Crete.

We cultivated harvested and created linen, silk and woolen threads around Crete. We gathered flowers and plants, made natural dies, we touched laver and we weaved unique Cretan masterpieces, which are travelling around the world, to preserve the sacred art of Weaving in Crete.

On the 11th of December, at 11:00am, an Educational Intervention – Learning by teaching project will take place between students of the Margarites Primary School and the 2o Primary School in Rethimno.

The last excursion of the year will take place at Alikarnassos prison in Heraklion, next Friday, on the 18th of December. Volunteers, doctors, nurses and members of the University of the Mountains, will offer their services to the prisoners.

With the above information, we send a wish for more schools and fewer prisons to exist.